Last updated 26/4/2000.

Seen it all before?

Been to a BiCon or twelve already? Well, here are a few notes about what will be different this time

* BiCon 2000 will be held in Oak House of Manchester University, and depending on attendance we will be using some adjoining buildings too. The whole event will be on one site as was the case at Edinburgh and Cambridge.
* The convention is planned to run for an extra day compared to the usual three day BiCon, since it's a Bank Holiday weekend and so fewer people will need to be back in work on the Monday.
* The venue is very compact and well served by public transport day and night.
* Accomodation is totally self catering this time - no group breakfast sorry! Don't panic though as there are 3 supermarkets within about 10 minutes walk, and an assortment of takeaways within 5 minutes which stay open until around 5am.
* Most important - we have now incorporated the international BiCon IBC6 into the weekend. The original team behind IBC6 in the Netherlands had to cancel at relatively short notice, watch this space for more information.

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