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USA: where to send your booking

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Print off the following form (or write it out if needs be). Fill in the gaps as appropriate with your name, address, email, details of any special needs you have or workshops you'd like to facilitate,etc. Where there are tick boxes, tick them if they apply. None of it is too difficult! Then bundle the whole lot up and send it to us with appropriate payment (and please remember we are doing this for love not money and so allow us a little time to respond to enquiries).

BiCon 2000 incorporating IBC6 Booking Form
For bicon 2000 admin use: ___ ___ ___ ___ R ___
1 2 3 4 5





(If you are volunteering or have special needs it helps if we have your phone number or email address so we can discuss things beforehand.)

Payment & Access.

your income price
student / unwaged  $60
regular $75
your income price
student / unwaged $150
regular $175
Registration fee US$______

Accommodation fee US$______

Donation to subsidise unwaged attenders US$______

Total payment US$______

Please make checks payable to "IBC6/Fritz Klein".
I am paying the unwaged rate and enclose photocopied proof of status.

I want to apply for the equality fund and enclose details about why I have applied.

I have access difficulties and need a ground floor room.

Please send me details of wheelchair accessible accommodation.

Please send me details of hostel and B&B accommodation.

I would like creche accommodation for ___ children aged ___.

(We will contact you about this when creche arrangements become clearer.)

I am deaf or partially hearing and need sign language interpretation.

(Please specify which language _______________) 


I would like to volunteer for gophering / help on the registration desk / stalls.

I would like to volunteer to help in the creche.

I can offer counselling.

I am a qualified First Aider.

I can offer sign language interpretation. (Please specify which language.) ____________

Note: qualification / references may be asked for from creche, counselling, sign language & first aid volunteers.

I would like to run a session or can help with some specific aspect of BiCon, details below.

Note: due to space limitations we may not be able to accept every session proposal. We will try to select sessions in order to make a balanced and interesting programme. We prefer sessions to be run by people who have been to a BiCon or IBC before. If this is your first BiCon, please tell us if you have any experience of running sessions / workshops.

All information will be treated in confidence. Please tick this box if you wish us to pass on your details to organisers of relevant future IBCs or BiCons.

Please send me booking forms / fliers for distribution (please state quantity and where they will go).


BICON® is a registered trade mark of BiCon Continuity Ltd, and is used with permission.

BICON® is a registered trade mark of BiCon Continuity Ltd, and is used with permission.